ACEC Is a Full Service Center

ACEC Is a Full Service Center
Posted on 11/19/2018
Mary Dumont and Marvin Jeffries

Near the beginning of October of this year, Marvin Jeffries frantically came to Adult Ed because he had been offered, as he stated, the job of his lifetime. However, Jeffries could only land the job if he obtained his GED within the following week. Jeffries had started the process previously, but he still needed to complete the math and reading sections of the GED. Seizing the opportunity to change his life, Jeffries sought help at the Adult & Career Education Center (ACEC).

Jeffries's made the right decision. ACEC worked with him in overtime mode, and he passed math within a few days. He then had a few days left to prepare for the reading. Little did he know, Hurricane Michael would disrupt the Person Vue testing schedule and jeopardize his chance a his dream job.

Fortunately for Jeffries, ACEC staff never give up. His teacher, Ms. Dumont, called his potential employer and explained the predicament. Due to the extenuating circumstances, the company extended Jeffries's deadline. The testing specialist, Crystal Echols, provided him a private test session the following Monday morning. Jeffries passed his final test and earned his GED certificate.

Jeffries now has a career with health insurance and benefits.

If you know someone that needs workforce skills and/or a GED, send them to ACEC.

Congratulations to Mary and Crystal for going above and beyond!