Did You Know?

Did You Know?
Posted on 07/09/2019
Did You Know
Many people in our community do not know about all the services our Adult Education Center has to offer. We provide:
  • classes in both the male and female detention centers. For example, our 45th and final GED Graduate for this year is from the mail detention center. When he is released from jail, his chance of being successful will be greatly increased by having a high school credential.
  • classes at Head Start. Parents/Guardians can drop off their child and stay for class.
  • classes at Present Help Ministries on Jefferson Street.
  • ESL classes at 141 Goode Street
  • And, of course, classes at our main location 141 Goode Street.
Our summer shut down is over and we are exited about our summer session. If you need a jump start to your career come see us at 141 Goode Street or call Mary Dumont 434.799.6471.